2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Highlights

Reflecting on this past year, I am filled with immense pride for all of the incredible accomplishments our team at PQE Group had around the world. My vision has always been to 

create a work environment with no discrimination that recognizes how diversity adds value to business models and communities alike. As our organization continues to evolve and expand, our commitment to fostering an inclusive and welcoming company culture and innovating environments outside of our offices is stronger than ever.

The Power of Education

PQE Group works to invest in education in communities around the world through a variety of initiatives. We are proud to be associated with a project organized by the Global Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (GLIP USP) at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. PQE Group  sponsored the education of six talented students who were also given the exciting possibility to work for PQE after their graduation – and one of them has since won another scholarship in Paris and will go on to intern at our Spain office! This is a perfect example of the importance and success of taking action and providing opportunities for professional and educational development. Funding scholarships in Brazil opened a pathway for students to achieve their dreams and push beyond their limits.

Being the Change

One of the greatest benefits of having global offices is being able to make a significant localized impact in regional communities around the world through our team members on-site. PQE Group’s Human Resources Manager, CSR committee member, and Senior Associate, Sat Kumar, has been doing an incredible job leading our CSR efforts on the ground in India

Kumar assessed where our support would be needed most and found there were many children whose families were badly hit by the pandemic that required basic food and nutrition, education, and resources. He then facilitated a partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, India’s leading partner for public and private companies, who supported us in producing “Happiness Kits.” These kits provide nutritious rations as well as hygiene and educational materials and were distributed to over 100 children in need. 

We also joined with the Gyan Jyoti Foundation, which works toward different initiatives like primary health centers for underprivileged sections of society, and inaugurated a primary health diagnostic and education center near our PQE Group office. The center provides diagnostic services and assists disadvantaged communities at a discounted price. It also organizes different health awareness programs for children, adults, and people in rural areas. 

Going Forward

It is very exciting to see how PQE Group’s CSR programs have positively impacted people’s lives around the world. As our team continues to grow, I look forward to seeing how we will continue to transform our environments for the better – and I’m inspired by all the ways that we can! 

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