Empowering Employees in Uncertain Times

Having a fear of the unknown is a very common human response. This fear often stems from anxieties surrounding unpredictable situations or a lack of information that causes people to feel vulnerable or confused in unfamiliar circumstances. Working in the Life Sciences sector for several decades, I have had the opportunity to witness so many revolutionary changes in the industry and world, from evolving technologies to shifting ideologies and values that fuel our passions. 

However, throughout all of the transformations I have experienced and undergone, there has been one constant across the globe – change. Although change is inevitable, many people resist it because they do not want to venture outside of their comfort zones. It is up to leaders in business and beyond to prove to people why adapting to the evolving circumstances and events of our world is crucial for personal development and the advancement of society. 

Change is an inevitable and essential part of any growth process. Since founding PQE Group, I’ve dealt with enough unprecedented global circumstances and industry upsets to know that adaptability is critical to the longevity of any enterprise – and I am far from the only executive who has recognized and harnessed this power. Haruo Naito, CEO of Eisai, is an excellent example of another leader who recognizes how vital it is to empower your employees and guide them through times of uncertainty. 

Naito supported his workers in their endeavors to design new products, provided support, and continuously adapted the workspace to fit cultural norms. He demonstrated remarkable leadership by implementing several innovative strategies, including prioritizing transparent communication and fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. This not only encouraged employees to contribute their ideas and feedback but also made them feel valued and integral to the company’s operations. Naito is a strong supporter of employee development and has invested in training programs to equip staff with the skills needed to navigate the changes effectively. 

One of the most substantial steps any leader can take is leading by example with empathy and resilience in the face of any challenge. Leadership must take proactive steps to ease employee concerns and cultivate a supportive environment that offers clear explanations of the reasons behind the change and provides opportunities for input and feedback from workers at all levels of the enterprise.  Creating a supportive environment will inspire confidence and trust among teams and help the organization strive toward the collective vision with greater success. 

Don’t ever fear the unknown. Instead, fear what will happen if things always stay the same – and then make strategic moves to ensure you are always evolving to reach your full potential! 

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