Expanding to the East Coast, USA

Although 2023 only recently began, our team at PQE Group is continuing to expand its reach in full force – and with an office in Raleigh, North Carolina! I am happy to share that the new location in the United States, the #3 City for STEM Job Growth, is helping to establish us further as an international authority in Life Sciences.

Having a local presence means we can be closer to our customers, and we’re excited to continue growing and connecting with new communities. Working in this market comes with additional perks as well since Raleigh is part of the Research Triangle for Life Sciences and is the fifth-largest hub in the nation. 

The Raleigh Metro is an incredibly easy place to do business and attracts high-quality companies and talent. It provides a pro-business regulatory environment, a low cost of living, and offers the world’s largest cluster of Contract Research Organizations (CROs), which support the work of healthcare innovators and help move therapies from idea to market. Glassdoor also named the region the #1 Best City for Jobs in 2020 due to its 17% job growth in the last five years. 

Traveling is a huge part of my life and passion, and I have always loved exploring America to visit our extended PQE Group family.

I cannot wait to see how this new location boosts innovation and connects us with more people and talent. It is great to have global offices collaborating to reflect PQE Group’s vision to create a diverse work environment of inclusivity, transparency, and respect. 


An excellent way to celebrate PQE Group’s 25th anniversary is to keep achieving our objectives of adding locations on the map to service a wide range of people and regions that need it. By expanding to new areas in the US, we are better suited to support our customers with a glocal approach – both local and international.  

North Carolina is a growing hub for technology and innovation, being ranked as a leader by Best Business Climate in Business Facilities’ 18th Annual Rankings Report.

I look forward to capitalizing on this lucrative market, and I am proud of our team for their excellent work transforming our company and industry across borders. We prioritize cultivating a work culture of diversity, compassion, and excellence – and it has enabled us to have various strategic partnerships and subsidiaries under our belt with no end in sight.

Our new space symbolizes how integrating into different lifestyles and cultures cultivates a more connective and transformational world.

With offices located internationally and a full-ranged broad service portfolio, extensive experience, effective project management, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and more, PQE Group’s solutions are a proven award-winning combination. 

I look forward to getting to know everyone better when I can visit Raleigh in the future.

I also cannot wait to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and spend time in the mountains – maybe skiing, but definitely appreciating nature. 

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