Exploring Petra’s History and Culture

If you are searching for answers to some of today’s most pressing questions and issues, sometimes the best place to look is in the past. My passion for travel, history, and connecting the dots between the parallels and progress of our society compared to ancient civilizations has allowed me to better understand our world and my place in it. My recent trip to Petra not only took my breath away with its intriguing beauty but also catapulted me into a rich and ancient culture that helped give me perspective on life and society today.

Visiting this historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan was an unforgettable experience. I gained a sense of the awe-inspiring local culture and its past while taking in the beautiful city carved directly into vibrant sandstone cliff faces. I explored the iconic Treasury and Monastery and was captivated by the intricacies of one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites, where ancient Eastern traditions blend with Hellenistic architecture.

Petra is truly like no other. It features tomb and temple architecture, including religious high places, remnant tunnels, and the remains of copper mining, temples, churches, public buildings, and more. I enjoyed roaming around the city and learning about the parallels between age-old civilizations and modern-day leadership. Surprisingly, despite the extensive historical treasures of Petra, there were even more adventures and illuminating experiences to be had outside its walls.

The Wadi Rum Desert proved to be an incredible destination that held symbolic significance for myself and my colleagues who had the chance to visit. Luisa, Mariola, and I embarked through the Valley of the Moon to further immerse ourselves in Jordanian culture. It was a beautiful experience made even more unique by a strange natural phenomenon in this area – rain! While rain is scarce in the desert, it proved an unexpected challenge for our trip.

Luckily, no obstacle can stand in the way of our shared PQE Group perseverance, and my friends and I learned another critical lesson in embracing adversity in all its forms. While we cannot expect the unexpected or anticipate future turmoil, we can take on every challenge with a solution-based mindset and smile in the face of adversity. This transformative trip reminded us of the importance of staying positive and adaptable when facing unexpected hurdles.

I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities for growth this amazing trip provided. I returned with a refreshed mindset and a reminder to embrace resilience and find beauty even in unexpected moments or circumstances. Thanks to Petra, it has been reaffirmed that there truly is a silver lining in every situation.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience – add Petra to your bucket list and start your adventure!

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