Growing with Gratitude

This year has been packed with so many incredible events so far, both personally and professionally. I’m happy to reflect on the last eight months and see all the ways in which I and PQE Group have grown. Business ventures at PQE Group have continued to flourish and we concluded 2021 with over a 20% increase in revenue.

We also had two acquisitions as well as a new legal entity in Australia and a new office in Argentina. To expand our reach to the United States and Latin America, PQE Group also started the acquisition process of two pharmaceutical firms – United Pharma Technologies Inc., a service company based in New Jersey, and Quintian Pharma, based in Malta. I am excited to see what successes these collaborations bring us as we create close-knit alliances and help each other scale projects and capabilities more efficiently. PQE Group’s global development plan has implemented almost 400 new international hires (extending our team of already more than 1,500) and I am so eager to continue to grow our international group. I look forward to reaching new heights of innovation together in the communities we serve and operate in.

PQE Group’s commitment to our team and mission earned us a spot as one of “The 50 Most Important Consulting Companies in Mexico,” which has the second largest pharmaceutical market in Latin America and is among 15 worldwide! This achievement recognizes organizations across sectors that are involved in projects that support the development of the country’s industry.

I am very proud of this accomplishment, especially in a country whose ambition and culture I have always loved and admired. I even spent my birthday in Mexico this year and had an amazing time filled with celebration and reflection. It has been great to have the opportunity to travel and visit some of our global offices this year, meeting our regional teams and exploring the different nations and cultures in the meantime. I feel such gratitude for all of the passionate people that I work with and for the transformative initiatives we are able to create through our hard work, dedication, and diverse mindsets.

Our team at PQE Group constantly works to revamp our strategies to better assist and understand the workings of a variety of cultures and businesses, especially as our offices expand farther around the world. We understand the importance of localization along with social responsibility and put the well-being and accurate representation of the communities and people around us at the forefront of everything we do. Businesses have an obligation to develop realistic and positive long-term goals for both their team and for humanity at large. I am proud that PQE Group strives every day to do all that it can to make these goals of inclusion and support a reality. We will continue to incorporate progressive values into our code of conduct to maintain standards across our global teams.

The last 8 months have been fantastic and I could not express my appreciation for my PQE Group team and their achievements. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

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