How Ancient History Influences Modern Leadership

I have always had a great passion for travel, history, and connecting the dots between the parallels and progress of our society compared to ancient civilizations and eras. I strongly believe in the words of Albert Einstein, “If you want to know the future, look at the past.” To understand the leadership styles and overall functionalities of the present day, we have to evaluate who we are as individuals and nations, as well as what events and guidance led us to this very moment.

Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I always make it a point to visit archaeological and historical sites to gain a sense of the local culture and its past. From Mexico to America, Europe, and beyond, I have learned so much about the parallels between age-old civilizations and modern-day business leadership.

While every country has provided its own influence on our world operations and standards, there are few historical periods that have had such a significant impact on humanity as ancient Rome. Political systems, calendars, and even our standard alphabet all have roots in Rome and have overall shaped the modern management and systems we experience and use today. As I am Italian, I have a special appreciation, perspective, and respect for our unique culture and history – and it has helped shape my approach to business. 

Italy has been a country that has frequently fallen under the dominance and invasion of other countries. I believe that this is one of the reasons Italians are so inherently nonchalant and flexible – because adaptability is ingrained in our DNA from constantly undergoing institutional and social changes. We have recognized as a country that the only “constant” in life IS change, and to be successful, we must navigate new atmospheres and structures effectively. This has been my approach to expanding PQE Group as well, adjusting and expanding to different cultures and countries on a global scale to create our own community and culture in an industry that continues to transform. 

Analyzing events of the past allows us to better comprehend why certain aspects of our society are the way they are and to create effective solutions and systems that propel us forward. If we take a look at how the US was founded in comparison to other countries in Europe, where we have older and more diverse countries and ethnicities mixed into our own with varying languages and perspectives, it can give insight into why America is structured differently and faces a different caliber of issues than other places.

This is the same for every country, each with its own story and trajectory that we can know better if we look to the actions of our ancestors.  At the end of the day, when you know your roots, it is easier to understand where you’re going. 


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