PQE Group and GQC Found Innovation in Medical Cannabis

World’s-First for Medical Cannabis 

Since establishing PQE Group, I have worked diligently to build an organization that fuels transformation within the Life Sciences industry. In the latest move to achieve this goal, we founded a new company to support pharmaceutical businesses in every aspect of medical cannabis development and distribution. 

Glocal Quality Cannabis (GQC) is our latest federated company and a unique service provider operating in the medical cannabis industry. GQC guarantees product quality, enables new therapies and is the first of its kind to provide services across Engineering, GxP Quality Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Medical-Scientific Advisory, Clinical Studies, and a GQC Academy. The company offers effective technological solutions for medical cannabis products to accelerate go-to-market strategies through a local approach – but with a global mindset.

I am proud of the history we have made (and will continue to make) in the pharmaceutical world. GQC supports manufacturing processes, the research and development phases of the advantages of medical cannabis, and helps companies keep their investments under control with the help and guidance of GQC’s team of experts, specialized in Regulatory and Compliance solutions. Together, our mission is to transform the industry and support the development of innovative treatments through effective data quality management.

From a Patient’s Perspective 

The benefits of medical cannabis date back to ancient history in Italy, China, Egypt, and many other cultures that embrace the numerous advantages these treatments can provide. The use of herbs for healing is one of the oldest human practices, as even our ancestors recognized their many properties and therapeutic virtues. Hemp, for example, was used not only for medicinal purposes but also to make paper, ropes, nets, and even food.

Records show that this extraordinary plant – now returning to the center of medical and scientific debates – was already known thousands of years ago by global populations. It has influenced medical science worldwide through its active ingredient: cannabinoids. PQE Group and GQC are joining the trailblazers who understand and appreciate the benefits of these herbs and will work to expand our visions toward new horizons. 

My interest in the marvelous world of medical cannabis comes from my experience watching family members undergo illnesses and seek alternative medicinal treatment, so I was able to witness the various beneficial effects from a patient’s perspective. As a passionate entrepreneur, I analyzed this scenario to try and brainstorm an efficient solution – which brought me to GQC.

Transforming Life Sciences 

The creation of this enterprise will help support field research and the development and dissemination of medical cannabis. I carefully researched GQC’s professional team to ensure we onboarded only the best to assist with our efforts, including chemists, pharmacists, physicians, and biologists who will take care of the entire supply chain.

I strongly believe in the therapeutic power of cannabis in the medical world. I know that it can be effective for therapy, pathology, and a range of ailments, from inflammation to endometriosis, cancer, and beyond. I look forward to how PQE Group and GQC will harness the healing power of medical cannabis to create safe pharmaceuticals for the betterment of our industry and world. 


Read more about GQC here.

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