Raising Hope for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a painful and persistent disease that up to 15% (roughly 500 million) of the female population worldwide is battling. The condition is related to the menstrual cycle and affects hormones, the immune system, and the digestive tract. During each standard cycle, the endometrium tissue that lines the inside of the uterus builds up and sheds, resulting in bleeding during a female’s period.

However, with endometriosis, the tissue is discovered in other areas of the body outside of the uterus and develops into growths. When this happens, women experience not only bleeding but immune problems, chronic inflammatory reactions, scar tissue, severe pain, uncomfortable sexual intercourse, and much more that lead to disturbances that make women’s everyday lives and routines increasingly challenging. 

In recognition of Endometriosis Awareness Month, it’s important to highlight the struggles that so many women around the world are facing and to do what we can in the Life Sciences sector to provide relief and an eventual cure.

As we continue to develop and discover the variety of beneficial therapies that can be derived from medical cannabis, we are also making headway for endometriosis patients suffering from chronic pain and other symptoms to find relief. Everyone has endocannabinoid receptors throughout their body, including the endometrium and gut linings, which THC and CBD can interact with to significantly reduce pain and inflammation – a technique apparently even Queen Victoria used. 

Several types of innovative medicines are being successfully explored for endometriosis treatment. Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly relevant from a gynecological standpoint, especially concerning the use of CBD. CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can reverse intense cell proliferation in expanding external uterus cells or even cancerous tissues, easing chronic pain and preventing the uterus tissue from expanding and even removing existing lesions.

It also helps with alleviating anxiety, depression, and brain fog, leading to longer-lasting health both in the mental and physical sense. Therefore, CBD is the main cannabinoid considered for endometriosis treatments and has also been proven to be capable of reversing the effects of external uterus cell proliferation and reducing lesions. 

Our team at PQE Group and its spin-off company Glocal Quality Cannabis are collaborating to transform the landscape of Life Sciences with new medical cannabis therapies that will change the way we view medicine and health.

The potential benefits of cannabis-based medicines over traditional treatments can provide a more naturalistic healing experience with fewer side effects, increased efficacy, and more. With recent studies showing a big promise for treatments and relief related to CBD therapies, the future possibilities are infinite with the right scientific initiatives and various resources. 

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