Take the Leap

As we continue to live in a time of mass uncertainty, where people are unsure of what the future will look like in their personal or professional lives, it is important to remember that you are not alone. 

At PQE Group, many of our people and partners found themselves questioning what the future may bring. What will happen to the world? What will happen to me? Or surprisingly, wondering what will become of their professional title. 

It is interesting to reflect on the thoughts or values we have in times of struggle. People tend to reach out for anything tangible to maintain – at least the illusion of – being in charge. This can cause visions to shift toward more short-term or near-sighted views, which can ultimately leave you in a similar situation as depicted in the Parable of the Bullfrog. 

If a bullfrog was to jump into a boiling pot of water, it would immediately jump back out – because it was burned and injured. However, if that bullfrog was to jump in the same water while it was cold, but each day it only slightly warmed up until reaching boiling temperature, it would not jump out – it would stay in the water and die, not having noticed the imminent rising. 

This can be related to how people react in uncertain, stressful situations – especially in the workplace. When you are in an environment where you have become complacent and do not recognize the increasing toxicity around you, it can be detrimental to not only your career but your health as well. 

Alternatively, if you are in a constructive space with a healthy mindset and are placed in a tumultuous situation, you will immediately recognize the issue and remove yourself. This proves the importance of maintaining overall well-being and properly understanding and assessing current situations. Do not allow your quest for certainty to cloud your judgment in the present. 

Keep this in mind during stressful times to ensure that your desire for stability does not surpass your need to challenge your mind with innovation. Businesses thrive on evolution and there is no way to grow and expand other than to leverage new strategies and analyze situations with a clear and thoughtful eye to reach the best outcomes.  

Complacency doesn’t build character or brands. It is important to remember that even in times of uncertainty, there will always be hope for the brightest and best future – if only you take the leap.

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