Talking Leadership with Michael Piperno

I had a great time joining Michael Piperno on The Leadership Communication Show to share some of PQE Group’s successful initiatives and discuss important aspects of being a leader. Michael uses his podcast to interview influential leaders and inquire about how to guide others through powerful communication and I am excited to be featured. We talked about the best ways to get various cultures and people to work together and how growing up in Italy has gifted me with an open perspective and flexibility to create a cohesive team and quality systems around the world. 

Since founding PQE Group, I have dreamed of expanding it into a global company. The value of diversity is unparalleled and can create a lot of energy –  which means good things for the communities we live in as well as for our businesses. Some of the most crucial elements to maintaining teamwork among so many different cultures is recognizing our own personal biases and perspectives in relation to others.

While we do have plenty of training for our teams surrounding diversity and how it is the fundamental power behind everything we do, it’s sometimes hard to acknowledge that we wear individual “glasses of perception” – that are unique from our neighbor’s – and can cause a distorted version of the reality before us. 

Generating trust between teams and bridging gaps amid differences is a key element to success. PQE Group is working to build a dynamic company culture that is modeled and catered to each business and regional environment. Every country and place will have varying understandings and experiences, so it is essential to facilitate a healthy flow and create an organizational culture based logistically on different strengths and weaknesses that help form an optimal team.

More or less, culture is an imagined system that groups of people made, creating definitions of what is good and bad. So it is not that one culture is better than another, it’s that the panel of behavior that we consider acceptable/unacceptable is simply different. In a multicultural workplace, everyone needs to be understanding and take notice of our own beliefs and biases to recognize how they impact our own views.

Listen to the full episode here.

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