The Teal Method: Dynamic Working for Dynamic Teams

Teal is more than just a color—it’s the way forward in terms of organizational structures. Most companies are organized through a traditional, hierarchical model. Our dynamic way of working at PQE Group didn’t quite fit this top-down style of working. We have always behaved like a living system, constantly adapting to change. Having this incredible degree of flexibility during various crises has also worked to our advantage. 

As it turns out, the way we were working already had a name. That’s why when we discovered the existence of the Teal organization, our immediate reaction was, “That’s us. We finally have a name!” Teal provided us with the freedom to continue being adaptive, dynamic, and self-managing.

Time for reflection

An important strategy in any business is to make time to reevaluate and reinvent. Over the past year, I’ve dedicated a lot of time for reflection. Through reflection, it became clear to me that the organization needed a revamping in terms of our organizational structure. عقوبة استخدام vpn في السعودية For me, experimenting and exploring new ideas gives me energy. بديل روليت I was thrilled to bring to life a new way of working—a better way of working. كم عدد القوارير في البولينج The Teal organization mirrors more closely the values we hold dear to our organization. Going forward, I’m excited to see it come to life not only at PQE Group but within other organizations that can also reap the benefits of this style of working. 

The Teal movement

Delving deeper into the world of business management frameworks reveals a spectrum of different structures. The evolution of organizational structures is a color-coded system that begins with red to represent impulse and a pack of wolves, has amber/orange representing a conformist, army-style (which happens to also be the most common), and the color green as the family model. At the end of this spectrum, you reach the evolutionary, Teal movement.  

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The Teal movement represents a holacracy method system. At the core of holacracy lies adaptability in the broadest sense. It allows for movement between teams and requires flexibility for every process. Teams are tasked with projects that have a clear and common purpose. The employees that work on these projects don’t have defined job titles, rather, they have a set of skills and the capability of learning new skills to bring to the table. In the case that a particular person is better suited for another project within a different team, they have the freedom to flow between teams. In turn, this facilitates a more inclusive environment because people aren’t restricted to certain roles and teams.

Another critical point in the Teal movement is centered around the self—the person as a whole and in respect to management. Employees are team members, or players, who can adapt to an ever-changing set of challenges. These players put their whole into the organization, revealing both their strengths and their weaknesses.

Putting Teal into practice

With the Teal organization, team members share a common purpose or goal. Teams all have objectives that contribute to the success of the company, but they are free to decide and establish their own rules within the team.

To understand if the process is going well, the distance between the purpose and result need to be evaluated. If the process isn’t going how it should be, there will be a wide gap between purpose and result. بطولات روما To remedy the situation, actions and decisions need to be taken by the team that also potentially include working with the board of directors. In the end, it is an entire team effort to identify the problem and find a solution.

Results can change from one situation to another, allowing more people to succeed. لعبة التنس Of course, people with more experience might be more likely to have the best results, but this is far from a given. Everyone is on an equal footing, with an equal chance of success and recognition.

 The way forward

Being able to adapt to challenges is a key takeaway in almost any situation, but even more so in the current times, we find ourselves in. From time to time, there comes a need for deep reflection on present working practices. عدد ورق الاونو The utmost important step is to identify which organizational practice mirrors the values and environment of your organization best. However, if your aim is to look forward and be able to adapt in the way you work, the Teal organization will by far create the most ideal conditions in achieving that mindset. 


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